A collection of printmaking projects and processes
This CMYK screenprint of Marsha P. Johnson makes a statement about the ways that equality in the LGBTQ community has centered around white gays and the lack of focus on helping trans people of color who began the movement for equality. This focus on cisgender white gay men especially in the media has erased many crucial voices in the LGBTQ community and it is important that we broaden queer representation to make sure that we are lifting up everyone in the community not just a small subset.
This CMYK screenprint of Britney Spears plays off of the 2000's motivational poster format and the moment of Britney shaving her head in 2007.
YARN is a printed book utilizing gelli plate printing, solvent transfers, chine colle, and a crocheted package to document my various crochet projects that I have completed throughout the COVID pandemic. To see the original crochet pieces, click here.
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